You know you’re hooked when your weekends are full and the odometer is ticking over as you’re on your own way to another draft, for myself and my beautiful family this is us!

The Comiskey name is renouned in Campdrafting and for breeding Santa Gertrudis cattle. Steve Comiskey Campdrafting is owned and operated by myself and Louise at “Lyra Park”, Capella, Central Queensland. Our Love for horses plus our interest in competion and training has led us to expand our operation. To helping those who are either starting out or refreshing their horsemanship skills in and out of the arena. During those seasons of drafting to assist us to prepare and train horses we help run the family cattle property.

I met my now beautiful wife Louise at Capella Campdraft back in 2000, we knew it was meant to be! Since then we have had two beautiful girls Darcy-Rose and Lilly-Lou. We breed, train and compete in our chosen sport of Campdrafting, on our own horses. We have also expanded out into training and campaigning outside horses which adds to the A-team!

For me Campdrafting has been a sport that is enjoyed by all of our family. I was 8 years old and competed in the Mini Draft at Moranbah campdraft on my mare called Missy and since then it has been my addiction. Over the many years I have been approached by friends, family, organisations and committees to assist in a clinics or help run a school. With 26 years of Campdrafting experience I have gained the knowledge and skills to compete successfully in this chosen sport with the experience this helps me to be able to assist others in becoming more confident and knowledgeable riders.
With the loving support of my family, friends and great sponsors I have been able to add a few prestigious awards and trophy’s to my achievements.

As you all know Pete Comiskey is my older brother and has been one of my main influences throughout my Campdrafting career since the first day.
Thank you and hope you enjoy this website and look forward to seeing you at the cut out yard at a draft!

Without the help of my team and support I would have not achieved my goals.

Here is just to list a few: 

  • Maiden Rider title 2000
  • Assoc Rider Title 2004
  • Has been in the top ten ACA Open Rider Standings for the past 10 years or more
  • Won Gold cup at Warwick in 2009 on Lyra Park Delta
  • 2010 Won the Supergirl at Paradise on Blenheim Atmosphere
  • Canning Downs 2012 at Warwick on Glow
  • 2014 Won Champion of Champions at Warwick also took out the Barnes Trophy on Lyra Park Delta
  • 2015 won the Champion of champions on Hazelwood Conartist. First and Second in the stallion draft on Hazelwood Conartist and Oaks n Ashes, meanwhile also taking out the Novice Draft on Katie all at Paradise Lagoons campdraft.
  • 2015  Lyra Park delta taking out the Barnes trophy and Australian Stock Horse of the Year and second in the Warwick Gold Cup.
  •  2016 won the Yelvertoft Open on Gigalo and Second on Oaks N Ashes.
  • 2016 won the Paradise Open on Lyra Park Delta
  • 2017 Chinchilla Grandfather Cloak 1st on Infinitie Destiny  and tied 2nd On Gigalo.
  • 2017 placed 2nd in the NCCA on Infinite Destiny and 3rd in the Warwick Gold cup on Lyra Park Delta.
  • 2018 placed 9th in the Paradise Open.
  • 2018 Warwick Gold Cup on Stylish Diamond.
  • 2019 Winning Top 30 Shootout at Finals on Stylish Diamond
  • Amongst many other drafts I have won.