2 day clinics consist of a maximum of 20 people per clinic to insure that everyone can receive the same amount of horsemanship skills and knowledge to take on board.
Before a clinic starts Steve insists to check there horse, gear and surrounds to insure there are no accidents that can occur. SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORTY!!!

Day One:

Steve starts everyone with basic dry work/warm up procedures, so he can overlook everyone’s level of riding. During dry work he works on a number of things. Using his horsemanship techniques its allows to gives your horse and as a rider a better direction.
Steve moves through various speed controls, in position, hands, feet and seat. Works through basic turn arounds, stops and shape.
Break for smoko, usually about this time people are wanting a spell and horses are needing a break as well.
Steve then moves onto talking about and demonstrating how to cut out correctly, we like to carry with us our mechanical cow, which allows each person to have a few runs on the bag. This is a great way to find your shape, seat and feet on your horse to give your horse the right direction when turning around to cut out your beast.
Following by having a few turns on cutting each other out and puting you and your horse in the right position between horse/rider and beast around the course. This enables you to feel where you should be. With the day ending everyone will have some runs on cattle, and lastly to finish off the day with dry work touch ups and questions!

Day Two:

The second day consist of a familiar format as the first day. Steve likes to refresh everyone’s minds on what they have learnt from the previous day. With moving more quickly through the techniques and making sure everyone understands, why these are an important role in Campdrafting.
Everyone gets to have runs on cattle and this is where Steve can judge and give out pointers while everyone is having a go! Break for lunch Steve likes to talk about how he prepares his horses to be at the right level and peak performance to compete in Campdrafting. This involves from horse care, feeding program, bits and spurs, saddles and tack, etc.!
Steve overviews the rules and regulations of Campdrafting and what the judge may be looking for, also he reminds everyone about the cattle welfare. This is a great time to ask Steve questions. After lunch we return to a few more runs and some people like to go back onto the mechanical cow and practise with that and then some dry work to finish off the day.
Fence Sitters are most welcome to the sessions as Steve thinks there is always room for learning.