BREAK FREE Products from EquiFeast Australia

Graziers and campdrafters have been grappling unsuccessfully with the challenges that oxalate grasses impose on our horses for many years now. Most of us have tried just about every product on the market with varying degrees of satisfaction. For us EquiFeast’s BREAK FREE seems to be the breakthrough we have been dreaming about. Not only has this exciting new approach corrected issues with some of our more severely affected horses but it has also helped ensure that our most important Campdraft horses are moving beautifully and performing at their very best. It has been great to work with EquiFeast. At our request they developed BREAK FREE Elite to combine the oxalate technology with a comprehensive joint support package and full spectrum feed balancer of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We are delighted how well our older and harder working horses are drafting on this product. And we have also been pleased to help with the development of BREAK FREE Essentials Lick which is a combination of BREAK FREE with a full spectrum balancer (but no joint support). We have been really pleased with our Mares and Foals this year on BREAK FREE but this very concentrated lick version (due in January 2018) should make managing these horses much easier. What is really important about these products is what they are doing for the health, welfare and performance of our products but it is comforting to know that they are the result of unique trials conducted in Queensland and New South Wales by members of the EquiFeast team from both the UK and Australia.

If you want to know more about the effect of this technology on blood results and hormones here is an English video describing the trials:

And this video shows some of the more extreme cases we have experienced here at Lyra View:

The Campdraft Athlete

Campdrafting is an explosive sport requiring enormous athletic prowess on the part of the horse. Anything that compromises the animal impinges on its performance and consequently its ability to achieve high scores. Worse still it increases the chances of injury. Campdrafting rules allow the use of a range of drugs that are banned from competition in most other forms of horse sport and because they are available it is easy to forget that many of the horses’ problems actually originate with nutrition. Getting the diet right is normally cheaper and more effective than treating a sub-optimal animal with needles and pills.  READ MORE

So what is in BREAK FREE?

Whenever you read about oxalate affected horses you read a lot about calcium. The traditional approach has been to bombard the horse with well in excess of the recommended levels of calcium in order to overwhelm the apparently difficult to absorb calcium oxalate. EquiFeast’s approach is not to add calcium supplements – in fact we generally take them away. And we feed a supplement that DOES NOT PROVIDE CALCIUM TO THE ANIMAL. READ MORE