Head Office (Australia)
256 Quia Road (PO Box 632)
Gunnedah NSW 2380

P: 1300 732 267
E: info@prydes.com.au


Amber Darcy and Lilly

Amber Darcy and Lilly

Nearly 30 years down the track, Pryde’s EasiFeed continues to stand as a proud Australian family business. Based in Gunnedah on the Liverpool plains, Pryde’s is the only facility of its type producing extruded cubes, extruded sweet feeds and pellets on three separate production lines.Dedicated to equine, Pryde’s EasiFeed falls under the SFMA regulations FeedSafe Accreditation Program.

With emphasis placed on family, quality and service all three pillars have become the foundations on which Pryde’s have built their business.

For further information on Bayer’s farm animal products, go to www.farmadvisor.com.au

Bayer Animal Health is a global leader in animal health. ‘Protect animals, benefit people’ is the Bayer Animal Health mission statement and philosophy. Bayer offers innovative medicines and solutions to farmers, pet owners and veterinarians to maintain the health and well-being of livestock and companion animals around the world. Among the important areas are in the treatment and prevention of parasitic disease, anti-infectives, pharmacological therapies and farm hygiene. Bayer produces and markets reputable brands, such as Baymec® Pour On for Cattle and Imax® Gold Wormer for Horses, as well as the Advantage Petcare range including Drontal® and Advocate®.  Bayer is committed to Science for a Better Life, through continuous research and development of innovative products to enhance the lives of animals and the people that care for them.

Website coming soon, ask for Toprail Equine at your local saddlery.

toprail-equine-300x281The brand built on years of horse competition. Designing and manufacturing specialty horse protection gear for the serious competitor. Products include  saddle pads, bridles, breastplates, No-Turn bell boots, leg protection, spur straps, girths for the Campdraft, Polocrosse, Polo and general riding fraternities.

Both Bombers Australia and Toprail Equine are major saddlery wholesalers. Contact your local store to let them know that they can also retail some of the best campdraft equipment available. 

Scott Welsh Custom Saddles
Cornell’s Rd
Hernani  NSW  2453

Tel: 02 6657 6000
Mob: 0407 014 159
Email:  s.rwelsh74@gmail.com

morgan_webb_saddle_homeScott  Welsh turns out an average of 40 hand crafted saddles per year and has completed in excess of 700 saddles. His clientele is now international and he sends five to six saddles overseas annually. Scott Welsh Originals can now be found in New Zealand, The UK, South Africa, Ireland and the USA.

Bobbi-Jo +61 438 311081.
‘Bobbi-Jo Blake’
E: info@hidezproducts.com

Sponser Page Oaks and AshesHidez animal compression suits are engineered using innovative technology. The panels are designed, cut and sewn to focus on muscle groups. The unique design creates a controlled graduated compression to an animal’s body.

Graduated compression means that a greater amount of pressure is applied at the extremities (the lowest point of the leg) and the pressure reduces along the limbs and body. The technique employed by the design of Hidez animal compression suits assists in forcing vital blood supplies out of the lower limbs, back into circulation and towards the heart. This process may enhance blood flow and oxygen available to an animal’s muscles. In addition, the process can speed up the removal of waste products like lactic acids and carbon dioxide, for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies ensures recovery from injuries faster, helps in the prevention of injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and reduces muscle fatigue by flushing out ‘bad blood’, which aids in the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Just like human graduated compression apparel brands, Hidez animal compression suits use a unique muscle focus design when applying pressure to an animal’s hide. The suit wraps the muscle groups focusing on controlling graduated compression, but also aiding in the reduction of muscle vibrations. This is very important when animals are travelling. Muscle’s work extremely hard during travelling, they vibrate & can overstretch. Muscle vibration can cause micro fibers to tear in the muscles, as a result membranes leak and the enzyme Creatine Kinase (CK) leaks into the blood in high concentrations causing cramping and ultimately travel sickness.

Hidez manufactures its own fabric with superior breathability and moisture management properties in a high stretch elastomeric yarn. This fabric is made using a “warp knit” construction. Warp knitted fabrics are more durable than regular circular knitted fabrics. Our fabric is among the most durable fabrics of this kind anywhere in the world and designed to return its natural / original shape no matter how much physical exertion or force the fabrics have been put under when worn.